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The Richardson-Smith Cup has been presented to St Agnes' School Violin & Orchestra Project by the Richardson-Smith Trust. Dr Olive Smith contributed throughout her life, in many varied ways, to the musical life of Ireland and Dublin. She founded the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland in 1970, and very quickly became aware of many talented young Irish musicians who were unable to develop their special gifts, due to family circumstances, scarcity of instruments, or difficulties in travelling to lessons. Olive Smith set up the Richardson-Smith Trust in 1976 (her maiden name was Richardson) with the express purpose of providing scholarships for tuition, travel grants and, in some cases, instruments on loan. She died in 1993, but the Trust has continued, and in recent years has focused its funding mainly on grants to school and community youth orchestras, for instrument purchase and some tuition scholarships.

In addition to the presentation of this annual trophy, the Richardson-Smith Trust has contributed significantly to the music project based in St Agnes' since its foundation in 2006, with a particular emphasis on giving students equality of opportunity to develop their potential. 

The Cup is presented annually to a student within St Agnes' School Violin & Orchestra Project at primary or secondary school level. The Cup will be awarded for exceptional progress throughout the year, and/or an exceptional achievement or an exceptional commitment to the musical life of the school and community.

The Richardson-Smith Cup